Thanks to your donations, Children's Programs are 100% funded by the Alcott PTG!

October 12, 2018:  Museum of Science: Starlab, Grade 5

Students explore the changes in the sky due to the Earth’s rotation and orbit and observe the moon’s changing phases in an inflatable planetarium.

October 22, 2018:  Cookie & Ooch, Grades K & 1

Motivational kids’ entertainers, Brett and Krisanthi’s program, "Everybody's Bugging Me,” is a musical and rhythmic journey to help students with strategies for handling daily frustrations.

October 25, 2018:  Rube Goldberg, Grade 4

Working in small teams, students learn how energy travels through a system with the creation of a domino run containing various elements incorporated into the design.

November 1, 2018:  Blacksnake Woman, Grade 2

Blacksnake Woman will visit each classroom and hold a council meeting.  Every child will have the opportunity to ask a question about Native American tools, clothing items, or toys.

November 28, 2018:  Mother Goose, Grade K

As Mother Goose, Anne-Marie Forer will bring nursery rhymes to each classroom through lively songs and stories.

November 30, 2018:  Plimoth Plantation:  Wampanoag, Grade 3

A classroom historian from Plimoth Plantation will visit each classroom with objects, furs, and traditional clothing. Students will gain an understanding of the daily life of the Wampanoag in the 17th century.

December 5, 2018:  Author, Greg Mone, Grade 4

Author of the award-winning Fish and Dangerous Waters: An Adventure on the Titanic, Mone will lead classroom writing workshops.

December 7, 2018:  Rhythm Kids, Grade 1

Students will integrate and assimilate rhythm by learning multicultural drumming patterns, developing a new repertoire on various percussion instruments and exploring movement and dance.

January 9, 2019:  Bubblemania, Grades K & 5

Casey Carle combines entertainment with visual art and practical, age appropriate science during the interactive and educational show about bubbles.

January 17, 2019:  Simple Machines, Grade 3

Can you lift an adult using a lever? Can you create a pulley system that can lift an object?  Students will create and play with simple machines and learn how using them requires less force resulting in easier work.

January 30, 2019:  Bash the Trash, Grade 2

BTT musician will perform and educate with musical instruments made from recycled and reused materials during an assembly followed by in-class instrument building workshops.

February 4, 2019:  David Coffin: Early Winds, Grade 3

David Coffin educates with his collection of early wind instruments.  His entertaining and interactive presentation covers the history of the recorder: primitive, medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque periods.

March 14, 2019:  Ball in the House, Grades 1, 4, & 5

Boston-based a cappella group, Ball in the House, is a tour de force of vocal sound dedicated to bringing their distinctive style of Pop/Rhythm and Blues around the world.  This exciting, educational program will unlock the mysteries of a cappella singing.

March 21, 2019:  Ben Franklin, Grade 3

Students will hear and see Ben Franklin’s fascinating story performed by an historical actor; from boy to business owner and inventor, learning about his pivotal role in drafting the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

March 29, 2019:  Wiggly Worms, Grade 2

Students will perform two experiments testing a worm’s response to moisture and light, record observations and draw a conclusion during the classroom workshop.

April 1, 2019:  Museum of Science: Geology, Grade 5

Students will explore different types of rocks and how they were formed over geologic time.  Working as a team, students will identify various rocks and minerals through observation experiments.

April 10, 2019:  Author, Suzanne Bloom, Grade K

Suzanne Bloom is the author-illustrator of the ever-popular Goose and Bear series, including the Geisel Honor-winning A Splendid Friend, Indeed. Suzanne will visit each classroom to share how she became an artist and read several of her books with time for questions.

April 25-26, 2019:  Poet, Ted Scheu, Grades 1 & 2

Ted Scheu, poet and former Concord resident, will bring his whimsical poetry and inspiration to students and guide poetry-writing workshops in each classroom.

May 1, 2019:  New England Aquarium: Tide Pools, Grade K

A hands-on learning opportunity featuring animals of the New England intertidal zone.  This program provides an informative and memorable introduction to these fascinating creatures.

May 9, 2019:  Stop and Smell the Flowers, Grade 1

Students will dissect flowers and investigate the parts of a flower.  They will also use a magnifying glass to look closely at the flower parts and learn the purpose to a plant.

May 23, 2019:  Honeybees & Pollination, Grade 2

Educator and local beekeeper, Birgit deWeerd, will present her program on honeybees and pollination to each classroom.